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We are an Italian publishing group that operates mainly in the fields of Art and Science. We believe that culture and its spread is the strongest tool for growth of the human species. For this reason we build online newspapers capable of spreading news stimulate comments, and create communities that participate actively in the development of culture.

In addition to creating and developing our newspapers online, we provide consulting services to third parties to manage the positioning of the brand on the web. Our staff is able to handle the expansion and dissemination of a message in the network and the social.

Today communication is in great evolution and our editorial paradigm consists in the belief that there is an intense interface between the online world and society. Moreover, we believe it is necessary, for to get targets, have shared values. Our premise is that to communicate is essential to offer an added value to all citizens of the world, not only to themselves. If you think like us you can call or cooperate. Sharing is the watchword of the future.